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    WWE-2012 Rules!!!! (Everyone Must Read)

    Ryleigh Triton

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    WWE-2012 Rules!!!! (Everyone Must Read)

    Post by Ryleigh Triton on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:02 am

    1. Everyone can have as many characters as they want!

    2. You must have an account made for all your characters.

    3. If you have an issue with someone please try to work it out among yourselfs. If that doesn't work you can talk with on of the Admin and we will handle it.

    4. Sigs and Avatars you can have three sigs.

    5. You are allowed to cuss but please try to keep it undercontrol.

    6. Please talk with other members about adding a child or sibling with one if their characters. That way you dont screw up their storylines they have going.

    7. Please when you sign up have your characters set up as single. If you want themwith some and no one plays the character that is when you post it in the wanted ads.

    8. Mostly importantly please have fun!!!

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