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    The Biggest Dream Come True

    Ryleigh Triton

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    The Biggest Dream Come True

    Post by Ryleigh Triton on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:15 pm

    Ryleigh got ready for her first dance of her senior year. John told her that he didnt want her going with Dean because he was bad for her. She was so mad and upset with because she was in love with Dean and this keeping him from her was just getting out of hand. She got ready putting the necklace Eric had brought her to go with her dress for the dance. She really wanted to go with Dean and be with him but her father was being a major dick to her.

    She walked down not saying a word to John as her and Emily got ready to head out. She kissed her mother cheek before walking out the door with Eric behind them since Emily was going with Eric. Eric saw the hurt in her eyes and knew that he had to make her happy again. He had it set up for Dean to meet her at the dance.

    Ray looked at him "Looking nice man. Your really going all out for her. Are you now willing to admit your in love with her?"

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